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Proficient bulk sms sending gateway tool

Proficient bulk sms sending gateway tool
Best and convenient bulk sms sending software is a reliable solution to send thousands of business related messages, job alerts, advertisement etc from your personal computer to any connected mobile phone.
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Company pleased to announced a new release of professional bulk sms broadcasting software that is capable for sending thousands of text messages, business related messages, job alerts, event alerts etc from your computer to mobile phone without internet connection. Software has reliable solution to easily communicate with your friends and relatives through your personal computer and any GSM based mobile phone. Easy to operate global messaging tool enables user to safely and quickly transfer your personal messages from PC to cell phone in cost effective manner.
Innovative and technically advanced bulk sms broadcasting tool has best way to safely and easily create and send thousands of messages from one computer to many Windows based mobile phone in single click. Utility has unique graphical user interface environment that enables user to easily operate the software by any category of user. Successfully running bulk sms professional software can be easily operated by technical or non-technical user without any prior training. Software is capable for transferring text messages at both national and international mobile network.
•    Professional bulk sms software enables user to send text messages from pc to other cell mobile.
•    Software is a helpful tool to communicate your friend and relatives in cost effective manner.
•    No need of any technical efforts and skills to operate the utility.
•    Successfully running global messaging tool sends business messages at national and international mobile networks.
•    Software is specially designed for GSM based and Windows based mobile phones to send messages.
•    Easy to operate sms service provider tool enables user to convey messages without internet connection.
•    Software uses GUI interface environment to easily operate utility by any category of user.
About author:
Sendgroupsms.com is a professional site that provides professional bulk sms data convey application to send text messages and business alerts from personal computer to selective contact numbers.
For More Details:
Contact name: send sms
Website name: http://www.sendgroupsms.com/bulk-sms/pc-to-mobile.html
Email: [email protected]

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